Only through action does what has been learned become reality

Climate Campus

A Digital Learning Space for Natural Climate Protection

What is Natural Climate Protection? How do we create intact ecosystems that protect the climate and nature? And what can each individual do themselves to become active?

With the Climate Campus, we are developing a digital learning space for Natural Climate Protection. Together with young people and educational actors, we design actions according to the approach of transformative learning, i.e. the development of impact through one’s own actions.

The project is made possible by funding from the Natural Climate Protection Action Plan of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection.


Communicate learning successes innovatively

With myBadges we create a documentation system that is as easy to understand as it is innovative, in order to make learning successes visible and to value them.

Badges document skills and knowledge a person acquires during the learning process and how expertise develops over time – no matter where the learning takes place: in school or outside. Since myBadges is based on the open technical data standard of Open Badges, they can be freely moved and shared in the digital space.

This gives learners much greater transparency about their own skills – and allows them to take control of their learning. Most importantly, Open Badges foster a culture of lifelong learning, openness, and innovation.
Open Badges – What’s behind myBadges

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