Education is the most powerful superpower to change the world.

We want the best.

Our ability to learn is the necessary prerequisite for innovation, to solve complex problems and to constantly evolve.

But how does learning succeed?

Action-based Learning.

Learning is particularly successful when we acquire it through practical action.

Playful Learning.

It is through an experimental and playful approach that structures are built in the brain that allow us to think flexibly and develop creative solutions to emerging problems.

Transformative Learning.

It is not enough to know – we must also do“. When we apply what we have learned in our daily actions, it unfolds its full impact.

mycelia …

… is a research and development institute that puts scientific findings on didactics and contemporary learning into practice and creates places of learning through experience by means of real laboratories (digital and physical) (practice-based research).

… motivates learning through action. With an impact-driven focus, we translate research findings into learning experiences using technological innovations to create new, transformative learning experiences – always with people and planet in mind.

… is dedicated to lifelong and effective learning. Here, people from different fields (business, science, design, technology, communication) work with commitment and passion on systemic levers to change education and create innovation through the interaction of multiple actors.

Our team

mycelia is a joint venture of the two social entrepreneurs Franziska Schmid and Julia Kleeberger.

Together, their teams and companies have conducted over 3,000 workshops and reached over half a million children over the past eight years.

Want to join our team?

Our values

make brave

human cooperation

effective learning